Coolest Glass

I am sure Teri & Izeule will love this beer glass:)

Inception: Get lost in Nolan's Dreamscape

I am a filmholic, have been for ages. I am labeled as a freak as I have watched many many films on my own, an unheard of phenomena in India. I like to think of it as an underground movement, where girls like us, sometimes venture out into the big bad world of the multiplexes to catch a flick on our own instead of calling our gal pals or BF.

But of all the movies that i have seen in the recent months, Inception has been the only one which has left me zapped because of its all round awesomeness. I mean, I didn't pee before the show (in case I missed out), didn't pee during the show (even after guzzling a huge coke), in fact, I didn't move check out the bling on the gay guy sitting in front of me, I mean I did nothing except being glued to my seat and just starring at the screen.

To say that the movie is awesome is just lame. It's beyond awesome. I loved the scene where
Leo & Ellen Page walk around the imaginary cityscape in Paris, the way the building does a anti-gravity tilt. When Page pulls the giant mirrors on the cycle path I was like wow, talk about reflections.

The story is complex, and requires full-on concentration. Having said that, I still maintain that this isn't a difficult movie to understand. The concept might be difficult to explain to others, but unlike a Matrix, you can understand the movie at one go.

I have to give it to him: Leonardo's choice in women and movies are impeccable. The rest of the support caste are also fantastic. Visually, the film is enthralling. It captures the urbanized landscape in a way that no other film has.

There is one scene which is gonna go into the hall of fame, and that is the van sequence. The slow-mo stilts with the actors supposedly in sleep had a dreamlike quality to it (very apt considering they are at the deepest level of dream state). Simultaneously, at the second
dream stage, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is trying to kick all of them out of their stupor in a gravity vacumn inside the lift. Unbelievable scenes.

Fashion wise, the men are dressed nattily, but I loved Page's styling. Layered clothing, coloured scarves and brown satchels. And BTW...Tom Hardy (Eames) is a dish. Have seen him in BBC classics before, but in this movie, his dishiness really comes alive. A must watch this one.


ooh...what I won't give to go on one of these retreats, away from the scramble and all around wildness of my life in Delhi, which I love, but hey a girl needs some R&R too.

My picks would include:
Fried Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe by Fannie Flagg

Haven't read this one but have read good reviews about it. This would be my virgin read, the rest I will fall onto staples.

Empress of Blanding by P.G.Wodehouse

I love re-reading my favourite books and if I counted my re-reads, I could just about
become one of the best read people in Delhi:) And there is something about P.G which soothes me. Maybe its the absolute randomness and the brilliant British humour that he uses, but it gets to me...all the time.

A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

I am a Hercule Poirot gal (love his analness) but this one is a Miss Marple gem. Sleepy village, one big secret, crazy eastern European cook, deceptions within the household and three murders. Classic whodunnit.

Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis

If you haven't read Jill Shalvis, then you are in the remotest backwaters in the world of romance.
Jill is a savvy contemporary romance writer. Her women are strong, independent types, a bit kooky. No one falls accidentally preggers after the first bout of sex. And her heroes, boy, they are so super hot that they fall off the radar in terms of hotness. Absolute Aplha men who refuse to fall in love, but can't seem to help doing toe curling cute stuff for their women. Example, making hot tea when gal is tired, throwing together a perfect trekking backpack with all the get the hint.

The release date for Animal Magnetism is way ahead, but one look at the cover, and I melted.
I mean one hot guy who cares for cute adorable puppies. I am a puddle of goo right now.

P.S. One of her Wilder hero - T.J. Wilder - helped me get over a massive depression post Argentina's defeat by Germany in the FIFA Worlcup match. And as bonus point, I would get to read my favourite romance amidst in a canoe or kayak, a la Sierra where most of her stories are based.

Photo credits: Thea Coughlin for resort view

Music I Like Today

Happy Tunes:)

Coconut Records : Microphone

Magic Numbers: Forever Lost

Hey, Snow White, it's going to be all right!

Took a great fall from the stairs in front of the freakin whole office. Fun...not!

Desperately need to believe in what the New Ponographers are saying.

Tea for Me

Turning out to be the worst Tuesday in quite some time. Dying for a hot cup of non milky tea that I can sip inside the confines of my cool office instead of treking it to the nearby dhaba.

Had to make do with this virtual teascape Harrod style:)

Sugar for my sweet

Won’t you just love shopping in here Nigella style? The pics are from the Whole Food market store in Dallas which is the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods. I love food shopping; actually I like any shopping, but just saying for the sake of distinction. Wish we had something of this kind in India. Won’t be able to afford much, but would love to buy the vanilla bean sugar and the strawberry sugar, and the dark cocoa sugar. Hmm…maybe it’s a good thing that we don’t have something like this in India.


Sometimes you just open the mail and see such gooey sights that it literally makes your mouth water. I mean just look at the cupcakes, can’t you just imagine them melting in your mouth? You can find the cinnabon outlet in DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj.

But somehow I never fully enjoy eating in a stuffy crowded mall. I any day prefer getting the cinnamon rolls home, warming them up and then leisurely popping them into my mouth while staring at the world go by from my tiny veranda. Now that’s luxury!

The Trumping of the Vuvuzelas & other Stories

A week which starts with a viewing of SATC-2, followed by the Karate Kid, interspersed with umpteen football matches, treks on the good long roads of JNU to meet lazy bums also known as Richa and Izeule, coupled with the vuvuzela and you certainly can’t term the week as sane.

I might be the only girl in the world who went to see SATC 2 on my own, yes you read it right…saw it by my ownsome lonesome and enjoyed it too, the experience that is. Both movie reviews will be up shortly. Let’s finish off with the football stuff.

Day 4 (14th June)
Last match of the day. Italy-Paraguay draw, 1 all. Nothing new here. The only goal was struck by midfielder Daniele De Rossi. Italy has always been a slow starter but will definitely reach the QFs. I mean the group has Paraguay, Slovakia, New Zealand and Italy (Group F), Italy inspite of not having a talismanic player can still make it. Their defense and Buffon’s goal keeping, coupled with an occasional goal and they will certainly be through to the next round.

Day 5 (15th June)
Now let’s come to the Portugal-Ivory Coast match. Typically, C Ronaldo was challenged so many times that I lost count. Top class bullying also happened and the referee resorted to giving a yellow card to both offenders. Drogba came in at the fag end as replacement, but the match still ended in a goalless draw. Ronaldo did loft one brilliantly, but it hit the goal post. Time to buck up guys, you are in the group of death.

But it was the Brazil match which I enjoyed the most. First half saw the North Koreans attacking the Brazilians with frenzy. Loved the Korean forward, Jong Tae Se for his aggressive play. In the playoffs to the FIFA World Cup, Kora DPR scored 20 goals with Jong Chol Min as the top scorer. So this is one team to watch out for. They may not qualify to the QF, but will certainly spoil the chances of one team in the run up to the QFs.

Brazil looked shaky in the first half. No convincing goal attempts according to me. Luis Fabiano, their top scorer has not been in firing form now. Goals from Maicon (what a goal that was. Sweet curve eh!) followed by another firing by Elano via Robinho and the Brazilians were sure of bringing home the bacon this time round. But the Koreans are nothing if not tenacious. A late goal in the 89th minute by Ji Yun-Nam proved yet again that Korea DPR is one underdog that’s not be trusted. Next playoff is between N. K and Portugal. The Portuguese team will have to provide adequate support to C. Ronaldo if they want to keep their qualifying hopes alive.

Day 6 (16th June)
The Spaniards were expected to thrash the Swisses, but got creamed like a fondue instead. Switzerland won, and how. Through an own goal by the world’s most famous goal keeper, Iker Casillas no less. A stupid mistake, but a goal is still a goal. This one is definitely the whooper till now.

Chile had finished third in the Latin American qualifiers to the WC. And they showed their stuff in the first match itself. Marcelo Bielsa did for Chile what he couldn’t do for Argentina, he guided Chile to their first world cup victory in 48 years. The WC finals in 1968 were the last time when Chile as hosts beat Yugoslavia in the third-place play-off in Santiago. Jean Beausejour fired a beauty which looked even better on the office flat screen TV.

But the best was saved for last as can be seen from the Sa Vs Uruguay match. Three times the wail of the vuvuzela was silenced. Twice by Diego Forlain, and once by The SA team was completely dominated during the play. The Uruguayans got a number of free kicks courtesy tackles on Suarez by the South Africans. Suarez did get his mug bashed up, but he was also taking some pointers fro C. Ronaldo on fake injury. Overtly dramatically and ridiculous, but it did the job for him. South Africa had a bad day.

With Khune being given a red card for tackling Suarez inside the penalty area for what seemed like a sure shot goal was the worse blow for the SA team. Repeats shows that the tackle was not deliberate and to top it all, it was offside. But the linesman didn’t spot it. Steven Pienaar was the outfield player to go off, to make way fro replacement GK Moneeb Josephs leaving the side with 10 men. Moneeb Josephs had no chance against Forlain. On deft kick and the ball soared over to the top of the nets giving Uruguay their second goal. Alvaro Pereira added the third goal in injury time, heading the ball off his knee and into the net from Luis Suarez's cross. Of course there have been a lot of grievances against referee Massimo Busacca. SA coach Parreira said “He was giving yellow cards that weren't yellow cards…He doesn't deserve to be here."

Honda races Japan to a 1-0 lead

A diet of beef liver seems to have worked for Japan. Keisuke Honda's goal seems to have put Japan on the winning streak here. Let's see if my prediction works here. But frankly speaking, if I have to support any Asian teams in the FIFA 2010 World Cup, it will be South Korea and North Korea. South Korea has already opened their games with a flair. How North Korea fares in the Group of Death (group G) will have to be seen.

Netherlands & the Curse of the Jabulani Ball

You know you are in the right company when your boss lets you off to see the Netherlands Vs Denmark match at 5:00 pm, especially when you reach the office at 11:00 am in the morning. This match was the most anticipated one in the fourth day of FIFA 2010 World Cup. I would love to say that it was an exciting match, but sadly it was not to be. Do I blame the jabulani or on the dutch players? Decision is still pending on this one.The first half saw the Dutch having a 61% ball possession but no goals. Attempts were many, but none looked 100% convincing.

One own goal by Simon Poulsen after halftime put the Dutch one ahead of the Danes. A second goal by Dirk Kuyt held the hopes alive for a Dutch revival for the future games.

Conclusion:Netherlands - 2,Denmark - 0.
Thaar found pleasing to the eye:Robin Van Persie

It's Time for Africa

Ghana became the first African team to register a win in the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Had turned the tube on just in time to see the penalty goal by Asamoah Gyan.

Conclusion: Ghana 1, Serbia 0

The Algeria – Slovenia match was the first one for the day. And Algeria seems to be heavily inspired by Beckham 02 look –the toughie Mohawk. Most Algerian players had some form of scalpstyling done on their own pate. The Greene fever is catching on. Algerian goalkeeper Farouzi Chaouchi produced a similar howler to allow Slovenia their single goal. Abdelkader Ghezzal's Maradonaeque handgoal was spotted by the referee which resulted in a second yellow card.

Conclusion: Slovenia 1, Algeria 0
Thaar found pleasing to the eye: Ghezzal’s Mohawk.
Verdict: Didn’t impress the viewers, didn’t impress Zidane who was one of the spectators.

Germans kickoff Australia's nightmare

Personally, don’t like the playing style of the German team much. To top it all, still bitter about their win over Argentina in the 2006 World Cup (I bear grudges of the soul rotting kind against any team that dares to win against the Argies…hey, never said that I was a fair, unbiased viewer). But this time, the group arrangements were such that I found Germany’s first match against a team which I don’t view very kindly, Australia. Now, do I follow the Aussie soccer ? No I don’t, umm does anyone? BTW…different nomenclature for football used to distinguish from the Aussie football or footie which is horrendously popular Down Under. You can term me as a spleen spouting chic, but attention to detail I certainly do pay.

Getting back to the point, why do I hate the Aussie team? For this you need to rewind your visual sporting reel to a few years back, to the game of willow and leather popularly known as cricket. Despite being the gentlemen’s game, Australia has repeatedly thrashed India is a most ungentlemanly way. How many times have Sachin been scalped by Warne, Dravid’s “wall” been penetrated by Lee, Kumble’s ball been walloped by Symonds? For the discerning eye, cricket and football are two patently different games, but hey…aren’t they still sports involving balls? (notice the pun?) This one just substitutes the little ball for a much bigger ball which gets being kicked around by trunk size thighs? And be honest, haven’t you just been thrilled that the T20 World Cup still eludes the unbeatable Aussies? So back to the game, the Germans kicked the shit out of the Aussie by not one, not two, but four fucking goals. The thwacking gods were Lukas Podolski, Miroslav Klose, Thomas Muller and Cacau.

First goal scored in just 8 minutes by Podolski. Out of form Klose missed the first chance, but soon rectified it by shooting a header straight into the nets. Post halftime, Aussies were in a visibly more attacking mode. Tim Cahill while executing a rugbyesque inspired tackle from behind on German winger Schweinsteiger, got sent back to warm the benches. Muller and Cacau decided to join in the fun and fired two more rounds into the nets, and that my friends spelled the end of the Aussies in this round.

Conclusion: drumrolls please. Germany -4, Australia -0.

Thaar found pleasing to the eye: Podolski and the brawny Aussies:)

Verdict: Was the best match so far in the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Rise of the Asian Kings & the fumbling of an English Knight

I had expectations from the Asian teams, but South Korea got the party going right from the second day of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. A convincing two goal win over Greece announced that South Korea is taking their sports very seriously. Having never forgiven Greece for winning the 2004 European Cup win (vengeful viewer me), I was more than happy to see Otto Rehhagel's team getting trounced at their first ever match at the World Cup courtesy goals by Lee Jung Soo and Park Ji Sung (Captain and Man U midfielder).

Inspite of big plans to watch the USA - England match I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I saw a surprising 1-1 draw in this match. Never a England supporter, I still expected them to win this one. To get the real dope, I called up my pater who just bought a 40" TV set just to enjoy the delights of this sporting event. Didn't have the heart to tell him that he might still end up missing numerous matches courtesy the Assam Electricity Board which does its bit towards global warming by awarding frequent power cuts to the denizens of the Brahmaputra valley. Anyhoo, my old man is an old school football fan who will die a thousand death before supporting outsider USA that too against ex-champion England.

My call apparently came at an opportune moment. A very gentle man my father, but mightily ticked with this sudden turnaround in the game. As such he was itching for an eager ear who will listen to his rant about the upset of Rooney and company. After waxing eulogies about Gerrard's goal (within 4 minutes mind you), he got started on his main topic : the fumble by England's goal keeper in the 40th minute which enabled Dempsey's (USA) goal. Why did the goalkeeper not hold on to the ball with all his might he demanded to know. Wasn't there enough problems with the new ball? A grass shot which had lost its power even when it neared the goalpost becomes a legitimate is it possible? According to him, Robert Greene did "Kaniyami" an all encompassing word which is used to explains the legendary Assamese spirit of doing things at their own pace/not having the killer spirit/not going for all.

In the face of such a heated argument, his daughter didn't dare tell him that she had rooted for USA. Ah well...some things are meant to remain a secret.

Conclusion: Draw. England -1, USA -1

Thaar found pleasing to the eye:Park Ji Sung (South K), Steven Gerrard (Eng)

Verdict:Greenne allowing the USA to score.


My FIFA 2010 World Cup started in earnest only when the Argies came to play. Since the time I have been able to understand this sport, Argentina's been my absolute favourites. Irrespective of their performance, this team has enjoyed my unconditional support for the last 16 years. I have celebrated with Batistuta's goal, raged against Beckham when he scored against them in the 2002 games, cried with its quarter final loss at 2006 finals. Growing up in Assam, we didn't have access to Internet and its immediate access to information and photos. So the newspaper cuttings was my only way to preserve the memory of the game. Pasted in my football diary, these photos carefully annotated with footnotes in my childish handwriting were my way to relive the game, to savour in the lazy afternoons, to enjoy in the quite evenings.

Realistically, Argentina winning the cup is slim. Penetrable defense, an aging Veron, the inability of Messi to score, and a showman as coach all adds up to the saga that is Argentina. But everything is forgotten when you see Messi touching the ball, creating opportunities where none existed. And when he pushes towards the goal, your heart skips a beat, at least mine does. I hold my breath, pray to the god pantheon and resort to garbled Assamese as a way of encouragement.

Coming back to the game. The lone goal was scored by Heinze (17th International goal). There were a number of missed chances by Tevez, Veron and Samuel. Messi himself had five chances to score. All brilliant attempts but didn't find the spot inside the nets. According to TOI, Messi was denied due to the brilliant save by the Nigerian goal keeper, Enyeama. But I differ. Of course he made a number of good saves, essential when the Nigerian defense was in disarray, but not all attempts by the Argies were brilliant. There is a very thin line between talent and tenacity. Messi has both in abundance, but whether he can fulfill his destiny as the match winner for Argentina remains to be seen.

Conclusion: Argentina 1, Nigeria 0.

Thaar found pleasing to the eye: The entire Argentina team

Verdict: The coach competing with Messi for camera attention. With his wild gesticulation, the day may not be far when Maradona might be banned from the dugout.

Goal for a nation & some mind numbing Vuvuzela

Yesterday I had the mother of all headaches. A long day at work where a mouse ran over my newly painted nail art (more on that later), followed by a 40 minute trial with the TV (the sound plug is loose), followed by the mother of all sounds....the VUVUZELA. A bee-hive cum drone noise, its irritating to say the least. Minor irritations aside, The FIFA 2010 World Cup finally began. A quick summary by thine own hands:

Match 1
South Africa Vs Mexico

No favourites here, but would have like the host country to win. First half was lack lustre except for a goal by C. Vela (Mex) which was judged offside. Both teams were nervous. But after half-time, SA pulled up its socks which led to a superb goal by Tshabalala followed by a choreographed dance of celebration.

Mexico was not to be outdone, they followed with continuous attacks (frankly, they had no choice. Did you see the way their coach glowered. Even a shiny silver suit couldn't tame Javier Aguirre's aggression. Glower illustrated below subtly). 31 year old Rafael Marquez shot his equalizer for Mexico.

The game saw a good number of yellow cards, missed chances and spectacular saves by SA goal keeper Khune. Sentos (Mex) made a number of attempts at scoring goals, but most times the ball hit the outpost of the net and was deflected. Mphela (SA) too made a good attempt, but a goal it was not to be.

Conclusion: Draw with both teams scoring 1/1.

Thaar found pleasing to the eye: Pennair (SA), C. vela (Mex)

Verdict: Mind numbing Vuvuzela, South Africa scores first goal in FIFA World Cup 2010.

Match 2
France Vs Uruguay

Supported Uruguay. Wan't too keen on France after the way they made it to the FIFA selection based on the hand goal of Thierry Henry. And this match was dull. No goals scored. Loads of yellow card, followed by the appearance of a red card for the Uruguay team. Delhi Electricity Board further played spoil sport with a power cut. Goal attempts were made by Corguff (Fra) and Forlain (Ur).

Conclusion: Wasn't worth it to stay up for this match.

Thaar found pleasing to the eye: Senga for his blond streaked braids (Fra), Jeremy Toulalan (Salt and pepper hair)

Verdict Rough game with both sides pulling shirts and kicking each other.


Summers have always been about sporting action for me. Okay the couch potato variety...but hey, sports is sports. After a loooong season of cricket with Sachin hitting the sweet spot with his highest score, the controversy riddled IPL (I watch IPL and am not ashamed to say so...Be honest, even you screamed when Sachin was at the crease for Mumbai Indians), we are now at the Baap of all sporting events, the FIFA. Of course there was the French Open in between which for me is about Nadal, Nadal and only about NADAL which he won of course. Yeah baby!

So anyways, about the FIFA world cup. All my friends know that I am an out and out Argentinian fan. My second favourites are Brazil (now wasn't that a surprise?), followed by Spain this year. So here's a quick look at the 32 teams made of beautiful, not so beautiful, talented, tenacious, dominating (boy am I sounding Mills&Boonesque) men who will serenade us for a month by kicking their balls..oops kicking each others get the picture:)

Group A

My pick: Uruguay

Group B


Group C

My Pick: USA the underdogs + I hate England. Hello Argentina supporter. Praising England is sacrilege.

Group D

My Pick: Germany although I don't like their playing style.

Group E

My Pick: Netherlands although they have a stupendous ability to go spectacularly wrong at the most crucial stage.

Group F

My Pick: Italy. Defense, defense, defense. They strike one measly goal and then go all out defending it. So why am I still supporting them? Maybe it's the stylish blue uniforms they don. Last year's ones were amazing:)

Group G

My Pick: Brazil. Followed by Ivory Coast or Portugal. This group has a lot of my favourite players.

Group H

My Pick: Spain...going in as everyone's favourite this time.

Illustrations for the Post-Woodstock Generation

The greatest peaceful event in world history. 41 years gone, its still making history.

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