Netherlands & the Curse of the Jabulani Ball

You know you are in the right company when your boss lets you off to see the Netherlands Vs Denmark match at 5:00 pm, especially when you reach the office at 11:00 am in the morning. This match was the most anticipated one in the fourth day of FIFA 2010 World Cup. I would love to say that it was an exciting match, but sadly it was not to be. Do I blame the jabulani or on the dutch players? Decision is still pending on this one.The first half saw the Dutch having a 61% ball possession but no goals. Attempts were many, but none looked 100% convincing.

One own goal by Simon Poulsen after halftime put the Dutch one ahead of the Danes. A second goal by Dirk Kuyt held the hopes alive for a Dutch revival for the future games.

Conclusion:Netherlands - 2,Denmark - 0.
Thaar found pleasing to the eye:Robin Van Persie


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