Coolest Glass

I am sure Teri & Izeule will love this beer glass:)

Inception: Get lost in Nolan's Dreamscape

I am a filmholic, have been for ages. I am labeled as a freak as I have watched many many films on my own, an unheard of phenomena in India. I like to think of it as an underground movement, where girls like us, sometimes venture out into the big bad world of the multiplexes to catch a flick on our own instead of calling our gal pals or BF.

But of all the movies that i have seen in the recent months, Inception has been the only one which has left me zapped because of its all round awesomeness. I mean, I didn't pee before the show (in case I missed out), didn't pee during the show (even after guzzling a huge coke), in fact, I didn't move check out the bling on the gay guy sitting in front of me, I mean I did nothing except being glued to my seat and just starring at the screen.

To say that the movie is awesome is just lame. It's beyond awesome. I loved the scene where
Leo & Ellen Page walk around the imaginary cityscape in Paris, the way the building does a anti-gravity tilt. When Page pulls the giant mirrors on the cycle path I was like wow, talk about reflections.

The story is complex, and requires full-on concentration. Having said that, I still maintain that this isn't a difficult movie to understand. The concept might be difficult to explain to others, but unlike a Matrix, you can understand the movie at one go.

I have to give it to him: Leonardo's choice in women and movies are impeccable. The rest of the support caste are also fantastic. Visually, the film is enthralling. It captures the urbanized landscape in a way that no other film has.

There is one scene which is gonna go into the hall of fame, and that is the van sequence. The slow-mo stilts with the actors supposedly in sleep had a dreamlike quality to it (very apt considering they are at the deepest level of dream state). Simultaneously, at the second
dream stage, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is trying to kick all of them out of their stupor in a gravity vacumn inside the lift. Unbelievable scenes.

Fashion wise, the men are dressed nattily, but I loved Page's styling. Layered clothing, coloured scarves and brown satchels. And BTW...Tom Hardy (Eames) is a dish. Have seen him in BBC classics before, but in this movie, his dishiness really comes alive. A must watch this one.


ooh...what I won't give to go on one of these retreats, away from the scramble and all around wildness of my life in Delhi, which I love, but hey a girl needs some R&R too.

My picks would include:
Fried Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe by Fannie Flagg

Haven't read this one but have read good reviews about it. This would be my virgin read, the rest I will fall onto staples.

Empress of Blanding by P.G.Wodehouse

I love re-reading my favourite books and if I counted my re-reads, I could just about
become one of the best read people in Delhi:) And there is something about P.G which soothes me. Maybe its the absolute randomness and the brilliant British humour that he uses, but it gets to me...all the time.

A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

I am a Hercule Poirot gal (love his analness) but this one is a Miss Marple gem. Sleepy village, one big secret, crazy eastern European cook, deceptions within the household and three murders. Classic whodunnit.

Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis

If you haven't read Jill Shalvis, then you are in the remotest backwaters in the world of romance.
Jill is a savvy contemporary romance writer. Her women are strong, independent types, a bit kooky. No one falls accidentally preggers after the first bout of sex. And her heroes, boy, they are so super hot that they fall off the radar in terms of hotness. Absolute Aplha men who refuse to fall in love, but can't seem to help doing toe curling cute stuff for their women. Example, making hot tea when gal is tired, throwing together a perfect trekking backpack with all the get the hint.

The release date for Animal Magnetism is way ahead, but one look at the cover, and I melted.
I mean one hot guy who cares for cute adorable puppies. I am a puddle of goo right now.

P.S. One of her Wilder hero - T.J. Wilder - helped me get over a massive depression post Argentina's defeat by Germany in the FIFA Worlcup match. And as bonus point, I would get to read my favourite romance amidst in a canoe or kayak, a la Sierra where most of her stories are based.

Photo credits: Thea Coughlin for resort view

Music I Like Today

Happy Tunes:)

Coconut Records : Microphone

Magic Numbers: Forever Lost

Hey, Snow White, it's going to be all right!

Took a great fall from the stairs in front of the freakin whole office. Fun...not!

Desperately need to believe in what the New Ponographers are saying.

Tea for Me

Turning out to be the worst Tuesday in quite some time. Dying for a hot cup of non milky tea that I can sip inside the confines of my cool office instead of treking it to the nearby dhaba.

Had to make do with this virtual teascape Harrod style:)

Sugar for my sweet

Won’t you just love shopping in here Nigella style? The pics are from the Whole Food market store in Dallas which is the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods. I love food shopping; actually I like any shopping, but just saying for the sake of distinction. Wish we had something of this kind in India. Won’t be able to afford much, but would love to buy the vanilla bean sugar and the strawberry sugar, and the dark cocoa sugar. Hmm…maybe it’s a good thing that we don’t have something like this in India.