Summers have always been about sporting action for me. Okay the couch potato variety...but hey, sports is sports. After a loooong season of cricket with Sachin hitting the sweet spot with his highest score, the controversy riddled IPL (I watch IPL and am not ashamed to say so...Be honest, even you screamed when Sachin was at the crease for Mumbai Indians), we are now at the Baap of all sporting events, the FIFA. Of course there was the French Open in between which for me is about Nadal, Nadal and only about NADAL which he won of course. Yeah baby!

So anyways, about the FIFA world cup. All my friends know that I am an out and out Argentinian fan. My second favourites are Brazil (now wasn't that a surprise?), followed by Spain this year. So here's a quick look at the 32 teams made of beautiful, not so beautiful, talented, tenacious, dominating (boy am I sounding Mills&Boonesque) men who will serenade us for a month by kicking their balls..oops kicking each others get the picture:)

Group A

My pick: Uruguay

Group B


Group C

My Pick: USA the underdogs + I hate England. Hello Argentina supporter. Praising England is sacrilege.

Group D

My Pick: Germany although I don't like their playing style.

Group E

My Pick: Netherlands although they have a stupendous ability to go spectacularly wrong at the most crucial stage.

Group F

My Pick: Italy. Defense, defense, defense. They strike one measly goal and then go all out defending it. So why am I still supporting them? Maybe it's the stylish blue uniforms they don. Last year's ones were amazing:)

Group G

My Pick: Brazil. Followed by Ivory Coast or Portugal. This group has a lot of my favourite players.

Group H

My Pick: Spain...going in as everyone's favourite this time.


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