Goal for a nation & some mind numbing Vuvuzela

Yesterday I had the mother of all headaches. A long day at work where a mouse ran over my newly painted nail art (more on that later), followed by a 40 minute trial with the TV (the sound plug is loose), followed by the mother of all sounds....the VUVUZELA. A bee-hive cum drone noise, its irritating to say the least. Minor irritations aside, The FIFA 2010 World Cup finally began. A quick summary by thine own hands:

Match 1
South Africa Vs Mexico

No favourites here, but would have like the host country to win. First half was lack lustre except for a goal by C. Vela (Mex) which was judged offside. Both teams were nervous. But after half-time, SA pulled up its socks which led to a superb goal by Tshabalala followed by a choreographed dance of celebration.

Mexico was not to be outdone, they followed with continuous attacks (frankly, they had no choice. Did you see the way their coach glowered. Even a shiny silver suit couldn't tame Javier Aguirre's aggression. Glower illustrated below subtly). 31 year old Rafael Marquez shot his equalizer for Mexico.

The game saw a good number of yellow cards, missed chances and spectacular saves by SA goal keeper Khune. Sentos (Mex) made a number of attempts at scoring goals, but most times the ball hit the outpost of the net and was deflected. Mphela (SA) too made a good attempt, but a goal it was not to be.

Conclusion: Draw with both teams scoring 1/1.

Thaar found pleasing to the eye: Pennair (SA), C. vela (Mex)

Verdict: Mind numbing Vuvuzela, South Africa scores first goal in FIFA World Cup 2010.

Match 2
France Vs Uruguay

Supported Uruguay. Wan't too keen on France after the way they made it to the FIFA selection based on the hand goal of Thierry Henry. And this match was dull. No goals scored. Loads of yellow card, followed by the appearance of a red card for the Uruguay team. Delhi Electricity Board further played spoil sport with a power cut. Goal attempts were made by Corguff (Fra) and Forlain (Ur).

Conclusion: Wasn't worth it to stay up for this match.

Thaar found pleasing to the eye: Senga for his blond streaked braids (Fra), Jeremy Toulalan (Salt and pepper hair)

Verdict Rough game with both sides pulling shirts and kicking each other.


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