Introducing - Mithun ka beta Mimoh

Considering the fact that his dad gave us the most awesome movie in the history of mankind - Gunda, Mimoh ka video dalne ka to banta hai. Jimmy was his launchpad so to say, and daddy Mithun pulled out all stops to ensure that his beta's movie get stupendous opening.Now, the hunt is on for this monumental masterpiece.

BTW...before you snicker, let me tell you that Mimoh hasn't given up just because his film in which he is a DJ with a brain tumor flopped. His filmography has awesome titles. Check it out:

Hamilton Palace
He - The Only One
Spaghetti 24x7

Here's hoping for more "so good that it's bad" movies from Mimoh's stable. As the rightful spawn of Prabhuji, Mimoh has gingormous size expectations to live upto. No wonder his daddy dearest named him Michael Mohammed Chakraborty.

Go Green

Maybe I should start this type of farming. Would certainly make a killing.