Rise of the Asian Kings & the fumbling of an English Knight

I had expectations from the Asian teams, but South Korea got the party going right from the second day of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. A convincing two goal win over Greece announced that South Korea is taking their sports very seriously. Having never forgiven Greece for winning the 2004 European Cup win (vengeful viewer me), I was more than happy to see Otto Rehhagel's team getting trounced at their first ever match at the World Cup courtesy goals by Lee Jung Soo and Park Ji Sung (Captain and Man U midfielder).

Inspite of big plans to watch the USA - England match I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I saw a surprising 1-1 draw in this match. Never a England supporter, I still expected them to win this one. To get the real dope, I called up my pater who just bought a 40" TV set just to enjoy the delights of this sporting event. Didn't have the heart to tell him that he might still end up missing numerous matches courtesy the Assam Electricity Board which does its bit towards global warming by awarding frequent power cuts to the denizens of the Brahmaputra valley. Anyhoo, my old man is an old school football fan who will die a thousand death before supporting outsider USA that too against ex-champion England.

My call apparently came at an opportune moment. A very gentle man my father, but mightily ticked with this sudden turnaround in the game. As such he was itching for an eager ear who will listen to his rant about the upset of Rooney and company. After waxing eulogies about Gerrard's goal (within 4 minutes mind you), he got started on his main topic : the fumble by England's goal keeper in the 40th minute which enabled Dempsey's (USA) goal. Why did the goalkeeper not hold on to the ball with all his might he demanded to know. Wasn't there enough problems with the new ball? A grass shot which had lost its power even when it neared the goalpost becomes a legitimate is it possible? According to him, Robert Greene did "Kaniyami" an all encompassing word which is used to explains the legendary Assamese spirit of doing things at their own pace/not having the killer spirit/not going for all.

In the face of such a heated argument, his daughter didn't dare tell him that she had rooted for USA. Ah well...some things are meant to remain a secret.

Conclusion: Draw. England -1, USA -1

Thaar found pleasing to the eye:Park Ji Sung (South K), Steven Gerrard (Eng)

Verdict:Greenne allowing the USA to score.


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