ooh...what I won't give to go on one of these retreats, away from the scramble and all around wildness of my life in Delhi, which I love, but hey a girl needs some R&R too.

My picks would include:
Fried Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe by Fannie Flagg

Haven't read this one but have read good reviews about it. This would be my virgin read, the rest I will fall onto staples.

Empress of Blanding by P.G.Wodehouse

I love re-reading my favourite books and if I counted my re-reads, I could just about
become one of the best read people in Delhi:) And there is something about P.G which soothes me. Maybe its the absolute randomness and the brilliant British humour that he uses, but it gets to me...all the time.

A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie

I am a Hercule Poirot gal (love his analness) but this one is a Miss Marple gem. Sleepy village, one big secret, crazy eastern European cook, deceptions within the household and three murders. Classic whodunnit.

Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis

If you haven't read Jill Shalvis, then you are in the remotest backwaters in the world of romance.
Jill is a savvy contemporary romance writer. Her women are strong, independent types, a bit kooky. No one falls accidentally preggers after the first bout of sex. And her heroes, boy, they are so super hot that they fall off the radar in terms of hotness. Absolute Aplha men who refuse to fall in love, but can't seem to help doing toe curling cute stuff for their women. Example, making hot tea when gal is tired, throwing together a perfect trekking backpack with all the get the hint.

The release date for Animal Magnetism is way ahead, but one look at the cover, and I melted.
I mean one hot guy who cares for cute adorable puppies. I am a puddle of goo right now.

P.S. One of her Wilder hero - T.J. Wilder - helped me get over a massive depression post Argentina's defeat by Germany in the FIFA Worlcup match. And as bonus point, I would get to read my favourite romance amidst in a canoe or kayak, a la Sierra where most of her stories are based.

Photo credits: Thea Coughlin for resort view


Anonymous said...

I love PG Wodehouse. The blandings castle ones are so classic. There are times when i laugh out loud while reading those. And yes im a hercule poirot girl too. Marple was always so...boring and blah...

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