Germans kickoff Australia's nightmare

Personally, don’t like the playing style of the German team much. To top it all, still bitter about their win over Argentina in the 2006 World Cup (I bear grudges of the soul rotting kind against any team that dares to win against the Argies…hey, never said that I was a fair, unbiased viewer). But this time, the group arrangements were such that I found Germany’s first match against a team which I don’t view very kindly, Australia. Now, do I follow the Aussie soccer ? No I don’t, umm does anyone? BTW…different nomenclature for football used to distinguish from the Aussie football or footie which is horrendously popular Down Under. You can term me as a spleen spouting chic, but attention to detail I certainly do pay.

Getting back to the point, why do I hate the Aussie team? For this you need to rewind your visual sporting reel to a few years back, to the game of willow and leather popularly known as cricket. Despite being the gentlemen’s game, Australia has repeatedly thrashed India is a most ungentlemanly way. How many times have Sachin been scalped by Warne, Dravid’s “wall” been penetrated by Lee, Kumble’s ball been walloped by Symonds? For the discerning eye, cricket and football are two patently different games, but hey…aren’t they still sports involving balls? (notice the pun?) This one just substitutes the little ball for a much bigger ball which gets being kicked around by trunk size thighs? And be honest, haven’t you just been thrilled that the T20 World Cup still eludes the unbeatable Aussies? So back to the game, the Germans kicked the shit out of the Aussie by not one, not two, but four fucking goals. The thwacking gods were Lukas Podolski, Miroslav Klose, Thomas Muller and Cacau.

First goal scored in just 8 minutes by Podolski. Out of form Klose missed the first chance, but soon rectified it by shooting a header straight into the nets. Post halftime, Aussies were in a visibly more attacking mode. Tim Cahill while executing a rugbyesque inspired tackle from behind on German winger Schweinsteiger, got sent back to warm the benches. Muller and Cacau decided to join in the fun and fired two more rounds into the nets, and that my friends spelled the end of the Aussies in this round.

Conclusion: drumrolls please. Germany -4, Australia -0.

Thaar found pleasing to the eye: Podolski and the brawny Aussies:)

Verdict: Was the best match so far in the FIFA 2010 World Cup.


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