Inception: Get lost in Nolan's Dreamscape

I am a filmholic, have been for ages. I am labeled as a freak as I have watched many many films on my own, an unheard of phenomena in India. I like to think of it as an underground movement, where girls like us, sometimes venture out into the big bad world of the multiplexes to catch a flick on our own instead of calling our gal pals or BF.

But of all the movies that i have seen in the recent months, Inception has been the only one which has left me zapped because of its all round awesomeness. I mean, I didn't pee before the show (in case I missed out), didn't pee during the show (even after guzzling a huge coke), in fact, I didn't move check out the bling on the gay guy sitting in front of me, I mean I did nothing except being glued to my seat and just starring at the screen.

To say that the movie is awesome is just lame. It's beyond awesome. I loved the scene where
Leo & Ellen Page walk around the imaginary cityscape in Paris, the way the building does a anti-gravity tilt. When Page pulls the giant mirrors on the cycle path I was like wow, talk about reflections.

The story is complex, and requires full-on concentration. Having said that, I still maintain that this isn't a difficult movie to understand. The concept might be difficult to explain to others, but unlike a Matrix, you can understand the movie at one go.

I have to give it to him: Leonardo's choice in women and movies are impeccable. The rest of the support caste are also fantastic. Visually, the film is enthralling. It captures the urbanized landscape in a way that no other film has.

There is one scene which is gonna go into the hall of fame, and that is the van sequence. The slow-mo stilts with the actors supposedly in sleep had a dreamlike quality to it (very apt considering they are at the deepest level of dream state). Simultaneously, at the second
dream stage, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is trying to kick all of them out of their stupor in a gravity vacumn inside the lift. Unbelievable scenes.

Fashion wise, the men are dressed nattily, but I loved Page's styling. Layered clothing, coloured scarves and brown satchels. And BTW...Tom Hardy (Eames) is a dish. Have seen him in BBC classics before, but in this movie, his dishiness really comes alive. A must watch this one.


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